ariana zilliacus

work experience:
2022 Research lead for a publication at the Royal Danish Academy, Institute for Architecture and Culture, with Josephine Saabye
2020 Construction and interior design for LUNARK, Saga Space Architects, Copenhagen 
2020 Research assistant for Natalie Koerner, professor at the Royal Danish Academy
2018-2020 Studio Olafur Eliasson Exhibitions and Model-workshop, Berlin
2018 CoUrban Design Collective architectural intern, Copenhagen
2017-2019 ArcSpace / Danish Architecture Center Freelance writer
2016-2019 ArchDaily Editorial intern

formal education:
2020-2022 Political Architecture: Critical Sustainability M.Arch (KADK), Copenhagen
2015-2018 Finder Sted B.Arch (KADK), Copenhagen
-2015 United World College of South East Asia, Singapore
2022 Architectural Association, Terrain Lab Visiting School

teaching and workshops: 
2021 EASA* Reality walking workshop, Isosaari
        *EASA: European Architecture Students Assembly
2020 Teaching assistant at Finder Sted, Freedhand drawing
2019 Moderator at INCM* JATO, Trpjeca, collaboration with Louis Koseda and Kyra Zwick
      *INCM: Intermediate National Contact Meeting of EASA
2019 Invisible Tales Workshop tutor at EASA Tourist, Villars-sur-Ollon, collaboration with
Pablo Encias and Kipras Kazlauskas
2018 “Documentarist” at INCM Continuity, Vitosha
2018 Re:connect Workshop tutor at RE:EASA, Rijeka, collaboration with CoUrban Design Collective and Andrea Ougaard
2018 Teaching assistant at Finder Sted, Freedhand drawing

2022 Audiowalk for Copenhagen Architecture Festival: Stedsans, Copenhagen, collaboration with Anna Rich and Ida Østman
2022 Co-organiser of SOFT INCM event taking place in Palanga, Lithuania
2020 Co-organiser of Meeting of Architecture Students for Sustainability event in Berlin, Germany (event cancelled due to covid-19)

2022 Searching for an architecture collectiveMagasin for Bygningskunst og Kultur, co-written with Beata Hemer
2022 We’re trying to keep this this they call ‘climate change’ out of our city, KÅRK #41 Terrae

2022 New Design and Architecture Graduation exhibition at the Royal Danish Academy, Copenhagen 
2021 Changing Dispositions summer exhibition, Copenhagen
2020 Spoiler group show, collaboration with Leoni Fischer as Walky-Talky collective, Berlin
2018 Taking Place Summer exhibition, Copenhagen 
2017 Taking Place in Iran, Copenhagen
2015 Group show at the British High Commission, Singapore

2022 Earthworks, Pavillion Call by Arkitektforeningen and By og Havn, Copenhagen, collaboration with Madison Lindsay, Rasmus Nilsson and Anne-Therese Olrik

I am an architect interested in enabling and making vernacular architecture: materially, socially and technically. An integral part of this is exploring how we can better share our knowledge and experience to strengthen a ‘collective’ and transdisciplinary architecture practice.

I think through my hands as well as with words. I observe through drawing, photography, film and sound. 

to collaborate or otherwise get in touch: