A series of stories and memories collected through on-site encounters and interviews with local people in Rijeka, Croatia. Inspired by the city’s layered history, our aim was to construct an alternative map that highlights subjectivity and personal perspective, instead of attempting to embody an unattainable objectivity.

Rijeka will be the 2020 European Capital of Culture, expecting to attract more visitors. Given our primary reliance on visual imputs, especially with our nearly boundless access to images online, we chose to focus on anther method for tourists to familiarise themselves with a city that perhaps allows for more flexible, intimate and maybe even exciting expectations.

The edited interviews were played in TunelRi, a tunnel from WWII that is now a popular tourist destination below the centre of Rijeka.

Interviews conducted and edited by

Ira Belegu, Anita Cengu, Georgia Demetriadou, Connie Ivanova, Olena Kolomiiets, Andrea Ougaard, Neža Španovič, Ariana Zilliacus, at the 2018 RE:EASA in Rijeka, Croatia.

Workshop organised and tutored by Ariana Zilliacus and Andrea Ougaard.

Thank you to Soundscapes3.0 for contributing with recordings of the environment.