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Ariana Zilliacus     

Image: Iveta Doneva

Interviews with architecture students and young architects from the European Architecture Students Assembly

Vitosha, Bulgaria and Rijeka, Croatia. 2018.

More about EASA: https://www.easanetwork.org/
Image: Alexandra Kononchenko 

Interviews with residents of Rijeka, Croatia, during the European Architecture Students Assembly in 2018.

Rijeka, Croatia. 2018.

The edited interviews were played in TunelRi, a popular tourist destination below the centre of Rijeka.

Interviews conducted and edited by: 
Ira Belegu, Anita Cengu, Georgia Demetriadou, Connie Ivanova, Olena Kolomiiets, Andrea Ougaard, Neža Španovič, Ariana Zilliacus.

Workshop organised and tutored by Ariana Zilliacus and Andrea Ougaard.

Thank you to Soundscapes3.0 for contributing with recordings of the environment.