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EASA : European Architecture Students Assembly

EASA is a non-profit and decentralized structure, organized and led by volunteers. Its network currently consists of 49 European national teams, an international team and two teams of parallel organizations: NASA (National Association of Students of Architecture, India) and CLEA (Coordinadora Latinoamericana de Estudiantes de Arquitectura, Latin Amerika).

EASA accommodates a non institutionalized form of teaching, learning and exchange. The assembly exists officially since 1981, inscribing itself as part of the last 60 years of developing alternative and radical pedagogies.

EASA promotes the discovery of territories and cultures by organising workshops in which participants acquire new knowledge and skills through the practice of creative, intellectual and manual activities. Through the workshops the participants interact with the local context whilst tackling a chosen theme.

Above description credited to EASA Switzerland, organisers of 2019 EASA Tourist
INCM: Intermedia National Contact Meeting

INCM is an annual autumn meeting, where representatives of each country (National Contacts) reflect on EASA's influence, bettering it for the future. On INCM the future place of the events will be decided, where countries interested in organizing EASA or INCM will present their project. Topics discussed at the INCM also include the development of our general architectural education and profession in Europe, with the aim being to implement our shared knowledge and agreements in institutions in our local environments.
1981 Liverpool, England: Starting up the EASA Experience
1982 Delft, Netherlands: Architecture of an Uncertain Future
1983 Lisbon, Portugal: Social Spaces
1984 Aarhus, Denmark: Turning point in Architecture
1985 Athens, Greece: Interpretation and Action in the City
1986 Torino, Italy: Architetture Latenti
1987 Helsinki-Putikko, Finland: Architecture and Nature
1988 Berlin, Germany: The Dimension Between
1989 Marseille, France: Heritage et Creativé
1990 Karlskrona, Sweden: Exploration
1991 Verkhoturie and Kolomna, USSR: Regeneration
1992 Ürgüp, Turkiye: Vision 2000 Environment
1993 Sandwick, Scotland: The Isle
1994 Liège, Belgium: Consommer l’Inconsumable
1995 Zamość, Poland: Beyond the Borders
1996 Clermont-l’Hérault, France: Dream Builders!
1997 The Train, Scandinavia: Advancing Architecture
1998 Valletta, Malta: Living on the Edge
1999 Kavala, Greece: Osmosis
2000 Antwerp, Belgium/Netherlands: Dis-Similarities
2001 Gökceada, Turkey: No Theme
2002 Vis, Croatia: Senses
2003 Friland, Denmark: Sustainable Living
2004 Roubaix, France: Metropolitan - Micropolitain,
2005 Bergün, Switzerland: Trans, Transit, Transition.
2006 Budapest, Hungary: Common Places
2007 Eleusina, Greece: City Index
2008 Dublin-Letterfrack, Ireland: Adaptation
2009 Brescia, Italy: supermARCHet
2010 Manchester, UK: Identity
2011 Cadiz, Spain: deCOASTruction
2012 Helsinki, Finland: Wastelands
2013 Žužemberk, Slovenia: Reaction
2014 Veliko Tărnovo, Bulgaria: Symbioza
2015 Valletta, Malta: Links
2016 Nida, Lithuania: Not Yet Decided
2017 Fredericia, Denmark: Hospitality
2018 Rijeka, Croatia: RE:EASA
2019 Villars-Sur-Ollon, Switzerland: Tourist
2020 Valga, Estonia: Apathy